Screen Dumps

These pictures illustrate some of the features of HSM Performance Pack. These pictures were made using the backplot and verification engine that are included with HSM Performance Pack.

Adaptive clearing toolpath with major stepdowns and automatic semi-roughing.

Close-up of adaptive clearing toolpath. Maximum allowed engagement is never exceeded. Allowing very deep cuts and high feeds.

Contour tooplath with contact ramping.

First Z-level for pocket toolpath with high degree of smoothing to allow higher feeds.

Normal verification of pocket, contour, horizontal clearing toolpath.

Verification of contour toolpath with colorization by slope. Contact ramp on surface appears as shaded red.

Verification of parallel operations at 45° and -45° respectively with colorization by slope. This clearly shows which areas are milled up and down.

Verification of 2 parallel operations. Each operation has a different shade of gray.

Verification of contour and parallel toolpath with colorization by feedrate.

Partial verification of contour and parallel toolpath with overlay of toolpath.

Parallel operation as presented in the backplot.

Part Gallery

You are welcome to use these parts when your try out HSM Performance Pack.

Download all parts.

HSMPP Strategy.
This small part is useful for demonstration of the different machining strategies.
HSMPP Cavities.
Part with several identical cavities. The part consists of more than 2000 surfaces.
Core part good for showing adaptive clearing strategy.
HSMPP Adaptive.
Part for demonstrating adaptive clearing strategy.
HSMPP Adaptive 2.
Part for demonstrating adaptive clearing strategy.
HSMPP Pencil.
Part for demonstrating pencil strategy.
Part with flat and steep walls.
HSMPP Tutorial 1.
Tutorial 1 part.
HSMPP Tutorial 2.
Tutorial 2 part.