Why use the HSM Performance Pack for Mastercam?

As business moves faster, the modern workshop has to look for maximum productivity to maintain profitability. That is where the HSM Performance Pack for Mastercam enters the game with its main benefits:
  • Reduction in both calculation and machining time
  • Increased surface quality
  • Extended tool life
  • Ease of use

HSM Performance Pack for Mastercam achieves this by:
  1. Avoiding sharp angles in the toolpath

    Each time there is a sharp angle or a sudden change of direction, the controller reduces the feed rate. This increases the machining time, marks the piece, and wears out the tool. HSM Performance Pack smoothes the paths of both cutting moves and retracts wherever possible to keep a more continuous machine tool motion.

  2. Ensuring that the tool stays in contact with the part as much as possible

    Each time the cutter lifts off the part and then returns to it, time is wasted. In addition, tool wear is increased because of the thermal shock caused by the repeated cooling and heating of the cutter. There is also an increased risk of tool breakage because of the changing load on the tool when it stops and starts cutting.

  3. Optimizing non-machining moves

    Non-machining moves are not productive. Therefore, we need to have as few as possible. We also need to reduce their length as much as we can, but always with an automatic collision check.

  4. Generating smooth and tangential in/out leads

    Approaching a part is a delicate operation and we must avoid thermal shocks so that the part is not marked and the tool is not damaged. By using lead-in arcs, the machine can keep a high feed rate when approaching the part. This avoids any deceleration due to sharp angles.

  5. Leveraging the power of your existing CAM system

    Because HSM Performance Pack has been fully integrated into Mastercam, the user will be in a familiar environment, which considerably reduces the training time.